Richard Owczarzy

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 2003, Vol. 100, No. 25, pp 14840-14845.

Thermodynamic treatment of oligonucleotide duplex-simplex equilibria

Richard Owczarzy, Isard Dunietz, Mark A. Behlke, Irving M. Klotz and Joseph A. Walder
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Thermodynamic formulations have been devised to obtain ΔGo values directly from spectroscopic data at a fixed common temperature in nucleic acid duplex-simplex melting curves. In addition, the dependence of melting on salt concentration has been expressed in terms of a stepwise stoichiometric representation, which leads to a specific equation for the partition of the added sodium ions between the different oligonucleotide forms.

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